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Authors of the definitive reference on pipe stress engineering and developers of the SIMFLEX series of Pipe Stress Analysis software packages.

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Pipe Stress Engineering

The latest book by L.C. Peng and T.L. Peng, is now available from ASME Press. This up-to-date and practical reference book on piping engineering and stress analysis emphasizes three main concepts: using engineering common sense to foresee a potential piping stress problem, performing the stress analysis to confirm the problem, and optimizing the design to solve the problem.

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Peng Engineering develops and supports the SIMFLEX series of Pipe Stress Analysis computer software packages. To suit each individual company's needs, several versions of SIMFLEX, each with varying capabilities, have been created. This allows a company to adopt the program to the extent that is needed without paying for unwanted features. Simflex offers accuracy, productivity and reliability in a fast and easy to use package. Learn more about our newest version, SIMFLEX-III using the button below (redirects to E2G).

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Our History

Peng Engineering was founded by L.C. Peng, a leading authority in the field of pipe stress analysis and piping engineering. LC Peng has authored, co-authored and presented many technical papers on these subjects.

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